Comparing the Online Digital presence of VZW to T-Mobile (Collin College)

Which brand do you think has a more prominent online digital presence? And what are some of the creative ways in which they promote their brand via social media, email marketing, local marketing and search engine marketing? How active are they with the use of multimedia? Do they have taglines? Do they try to differentiate themselves in the market through the use of technology (ex: Big Data, IoT, Emerging Payments, etc)? Are their websites optimized? What would you suggest they do differently or continue to do more of? #VZW #VerizonWireless ##TMobile #DigitalMarketing

5 thoughts on “Comparing the Online Digital presence of VZW to T-Mobile (Collin College)

  1. Dave,

    In reference to your question about a tagline, I would say that T-Mobiles is, “We are the Un-Carrier.”

    #ScarrierThings #Tagline

  2. Alexa,
    I definitely agree with you on twitter being the prominent platform for T-Mobile’s social media strategy. According to Hootsuite’s, ” Top Twitter Demographics That Matter to Social Media Marketers” post, “high-school-aged teens are the most active age demographic on the social network: a full 42 percent of online youth aged 15 to 17 use Twitter…And 32 percent of internet users aged 18 to 29 continue to use the service. That rate basically holds steady until users hit age 50. This shows that T-Mobile is really focusing on that millennial demographic. [] #tmobile #millennials

    I also want to point out that T-mobile utilized multimedia to it’s fullest potential.
    Recently, they posted a 4-min video going through a “Scarrier Haunted House.”[view video: This not only was applicable to the holiday season, but it shows the executives being tangible individuals, evoking emotion and being one with their customers. The premise of the video was showing the lack of transparency from the other Carriers out there. They also utilized the footage to make shorter 4 sec-15 sec videos for their Instagram, Facebook along with Twitter feed. #SocialMedia #Twitter #ScarrierThings

  3. There is no comparison on how Verizon and T Mobile market their products. T Mobile seems like a fun place to work. When I went on T Mobile Facebook page under photos. You see photos of the employees interacting with the customers, celebrities with the T Mobile logo in the back drop, photos of the latest phones coming out. While doing the same thing on Verizon Facebook page. All the photos that I saw were of their phones, store fronts and the number of different Verizon symbols over the years.

    Looking at videos of these two telecommunications giant on Facebook. Once again there is no comparison. The first video I watched on T Mobile page was a Facebook live stream. Where one of the employees was doing a Facebook live at one of their signature stores in CA. This live feed shows all the new phone and gadgets that have come out. The public on this feed were asking plenty of questions and showing T Mobile much love with heart and thumb up emojis. At the very end of the video you’ll see the employees and some of the customers who were already at the store doing the electric slide. Another T Mobile video I watch was with the CEO. He wasn’t talking about T Mobile. He was talking about his daily routine from always cooking and posting those types of videos on Facebook. While with Verizon I didn’t see the happy go lucky type of videos. The very first video that Verizon shows is an employee getting robbed by two masked gunmen. The second video right after the gunman was. 8 states that will lose their Verizon coverage due to romming fees and lack of coverage in those areas.

    After checking out these two on Facebook. I decided to see how they market their goods and services on their respectable website. On T Mobile you get that warm and fuzzy feel with the pink shown through out the entire website. The first ad that comes up is Netflix for free with subscription to T Mobile. As you keep on strolling through. T Mobile has ads for the new iPhone 8, hurricane relief effects, a map of the US showing where T Mobile has coverage and my favorite part. At the very end there is a video game just like super Mario Brothers. Verizon ads aren’t as colorful or as many as T Mobile. The main ads that Verizon promotes is the iPhone 8 and $40 for 4 lines.

    If I had to choose hands down I feel that T Mobile is more in touch with the public with their goods and services. They know how to connect with the public. While I can see why Verizon has changed there logo so many times over the years.

  4. TMobile has more digital presence. If we look the website design, the colors are more appealing. On the homepage of TMobile There is a list of the ongoing promotions and a map of the coverage the network has reached so far from 2013 to 2017 (huge).
    The website of Verizion is more flat and less appealing even if the menu is done with colored icons which make the customer navigation on the website easier and faster.
    They are both optimized and mobile friendly.

    On Facebook they both post Videos, pictures with promos and articles related to their products almost everyday. And they respond to customers and followers’s comments and they try to address customer’s issues.
    Verizon has 7.382.460 likes on Facebook page whereas Tmobile has 5.568.444. They are both very active and prompt on the private chats with customers and followers.
    But if we have a overlook of their presence on the multimedia we can see TMobile seems a growing reality whereas Verizon looks flat trending like its webstite!
    TMobile presence is very massive on twitter. Twitter has definitely become the brand’s platform of choice
    T-Mobile’s messaging has a tendency to go viral. Sometimes even kind of irreverent, Hashtags like #breakupletter, #unleash and #nocontract spread across the social landscape, increasing brand loyalty and attracting the attention of new customers. TMobile interacts with everybody including small customers and potential customers.
    TMobile has also a funniest way to show new promos and news about the brand on Facebook with live videos.

  5. T-Mobile compared to Verizon seems to have a more prominent online digital presence. T-Mobile caters to their youthful audience, with the use of multi-media that conveys life with their devices and services as adventurous, always connected to others, and a life with no worries.

    They both utilize their brand colors throughout their social and web platforms, but T-Mobile’s hot pink seems to be more eye catching, can’t miss, and fun. Psychologically, the pink conveys, spirited, daring, imaginative, and up-to-date, according to

    On Twitter and Instagram, T-Mobile has more posts, they also have more followers on Instagram.

    Verizon overall seems to be straight to the point, non-engaging with plenty of white space on their website.

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