Comparing the Online Digital presence of Toyota Lexus to Infiniti (Collin College)

Which brand do you think has a more prominent online digital presence? And what are some of the creative ways in which they promote their brand via social media, email marketing, local marketing and search engine marketing? How active are they with the use of multimedia? Do they have taglines? Do they try to differentiate themselves in the market through the use of technology (ex: Big Data, IoT, Emerging Payments, etc)? Are their websites optimized? What would you suggest they do differently or continue to do more of? #Lexus #Infiniti #DigitalMarketing

9 thoughts on “Comparing the Online Digital presence of Toyota Lexus to Infiniti (Collin College)

  1. The social media between Lexus and Infiniti are pretty popular, but Lexus has 1m followers and Infiniti has 286K followers. So there’s a win for lexus. As for celebrity association, the Curry family is with Infiniti and Jason Day with lexus. Lets think about this, who’s going to get the most recognition out of the two?
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  2. Lexus uses digital technology on their website in a way that demands attention. Excellent use of call to action links. Did notice a strong similarity of the Lexus grill to the Toyota Camry grill. Or is the Camry grill similar to the Lexus grill?

  3. It’s all about the Grillz in the automobiles lol Lexus vs Infiniti…who did it better? #plottwist #lexusvsInfiniti #grillz #cars #whoworeitbest #2018

  4. #Inifiniti has a much stronger hashtag (#FansOfINFINITI) and makes sure to use that hashtag on prominent posts. Lexus, however, uses different hashtags on their posts that identify with the specific car that is being shown (#LexusLE). I had to scroll through several posts before I saw their identifying hashtag (#ExperienceAmazing). Seems like a missed opportunity for #Lexus. #CarThoughts

  5. Thought…while looking through Vogue, Glamour, and Marie Claire I only saw one advertisement for Lexus and none for Infiniti. Hmm, I say one for Lexus and Infiniti zero on this one. #thoughts #lexus #funny #branding #ads #comethroughLexus #magazine

  6. By viewing the individual Facebook pages, Infiniti is much more engaged with customers and posts content that is much more relatable. Lexus has much more product-driven posts. Lexus prefers to show the product features, types of vehicles, etc. Infiniti incorporates contests, engagement with customers, and frequently tags outside pages. #FansOfINFINITI #ExperienceAmazing

  7. Lexus social media marketing is very clear and concise, with rolling pictures encompassing photos, videos, events, groups, locations and Q&A. They are also set up for live stream. I feel that Infiniti used their header more effectively on Facebook, taking advantage of multi-media to run their commercial ads; it tends to catch your eye. Also, Infiniti has an icon link to Instagram which pulls a wealth of different models into view instantly. I would encourage Lexus to implement these two areas in their social media marketing. #Lexus #LexusFacebook #InfinitiFacebook

  8. Lexus cars are built from the reliable car manufacturer Toyota Motors, which has a solid reputation in reliability and low cost-of-ownership. Infiniti cars, on the other hand, are built from Nissan Motors, which doesn’t have the same reliability track record as Toyota. Therefore, if reliability and low cost-of-ownership are important to you, you should consider Lexus cars. If these merits are not the only criteria, then Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Cadillac, etc. can also be considered, in addition to Infiniti.

  9. I like how Lexus has come out with a new grill, but yet I still see Plano, Frisco, and Richardson driving Lexus’ from 2010 to 2013. #Lexus #somethingtothinkabout #lexusgrill #newlexus #2010 #2013

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