Comparing the Online Digital presence of Capital One credit cards to Chase (Collin College)

Which brand do you think has a more prominent online digital presence? And what are some of the creative ways in which they promote their brand via social media, email marketing, local marketing and search engine marketing? How active are they with the use of multimedia? Do they have taglines? Do they try to differentiate themselves in the market through the use of technology (ex: Big Data, IoT, Emerging Payments, etc)? Are their websites optimized? What would you suggest they do differently or continue to do more of? #CapitalOneCreditCards #ChaseCreditCards #DigitalMarketing

One thought on “Comparing the Online Digital presence of Capital One credit cards to Chase (Collin College)

  1. “Who has more prominent digital presence, Capital One or Chase?

    Depends on how you measure. By looking at engagement, a good argument could be made that Capital One is leading.

    Youtube Subscribers: C1 = 21K to Chase = 11K
    Facebook Followers: 4.0M to 3.7M
    Twitter Followers: 159K to 352K
    Instagram Followers: 28K to 45K
    Pinterest Followers: 7K to 5K

    It seems that each has a different emphasis by platform. Clearly Capital One leads on Youtube (double the subscribers yet only half the videos), while it follows Chase on Twitter (over approximately the same number of tweets each).

    Neither are market leaders on the platforms. For example, Wells Fargo has 144K subscribers on Youtube.

    So, the question remains: are either getting the engagement they hope and could on these platforms, and are they translating that to new customers or extra revenue?

    My thought is that there is room for improvement. Will follow up with some suggestions.

    Any comments from the team?

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