Comparing the Online Digital presence and activity of La Quinta vs Courtyard by Marriott (Collin College)

Which brand do you think has a more prominent online digital presence? And what are some of the creative ways in which they promote their brand via social media, email marketing, local marketing and search engine marketing? How active are they with the use of multimedia? Do they have taglines? Do they try to differentiate themselves in the market through the use of technology (ex: Big Data, IoT, Emerging Payments, etc)? Are their websites optimized? What would you suggest they do differently or continue to do more of? #LaQuinta #CourtyardByMarriott #DigitalMarketing

5 thoughts on “Comparing the Online Digital presence and activity of La Quinta vs Courtyard by Marriott (Collin College)

  1. Courtyard by Marriott’s parent brand, Marriott, houses a few options when it comes to blogs. The typical/expected blogs by the CEO and General Manager are there, of course, but they cover more than just boring company statistics and timelines that you’d expect. Bill Marriott, Executive Chairman and Chairman of the Board
    Marriott International, Inc. writes a blog series under the tag of Marriott on the Move and while there is some timeline type information, it’s so engaging because of his connection to the brand – it’s his family company he grew up in. He writes about his parents, personal reflections of the company and the future of the company.

    The series of blogs that intrigued me the most are the ones under the heading, Heart of the House, that focuses on Marriott employees. Tagged “Meet the people at the Heart of our Business” enable their guests to identify with the people serving them when they stay at a Marriott property, adding to the human connection and relationship building. These blog entries are a great resource to help validate and support the chain’s #GoldenRule campaign. Really quite refreshing!
    #Marriott #CourtyardbyMarriott #MakeRoomForALittle Fun®

  2. La Quinta, which is marketed as affordable and family-friendly, uses humorous business-related memes on its Facebook page along with #WinAtBusiness. Its cover photo is a group of people at a conference table applauding with the text “how to win@business.” There is little to no messaging around La Quinta being the affordable family-friendly hotel as indicated by its most popular keywords.

    La Quinta also promotes a Facebook video series called “On the Road with Dave,” where the host travels to newly renovated La Quinta hotels to give viewers tours of suites, lounges, fitness centers, and more. The tour videos give La Quinta more of a higher end feel that it is known for. You’ll also see some references to baseball on the page, which is clearly due to the World Series going on right now. This shows they are trying to engage/attract customers with mentions of current and national sports events like Courtyard does with football.

    While Courtyard Marriott is marketed as the affordable choice for business in its searches, its Facebook page focuses mainly on football, currently promoting a stay in a Courtyard suite inside US Bank Stadium, home of the 2018 Superbowl. Its cover photo is a video promoting the giveaway with #CourtyardSuperBowlContest heavily in play throughout the page.

    Judging by likes alone, La Quinta’s page lacks popularity with just a little over 147,000 likes to Courtyard’s more than 793,000.

  3. On Facebook, La Quinta’s page is full of videos and humorous memes while Courtyard’s page is filled with posts about football and the NFL. Courtyard seems to engage more with customers in the comments sections of their posts.

  4. LaQuinta is in the process of remodeling and rebranding its products. This involved an overhaul of everything – colors, logo, website – as well as the implementation of a pretty robust rewards program. Its properties are also being remodeled with improvements to all areas, with the interest of attracting business travelers – more office/work-friendly areas and services.

    A very helpful area of their website is a list of the properties that have undergone remodel with links to the booking pages for each site. Very helpful for encouraging interest in their rebranding, and helps attract business travelers who are traveling to those cities. #LaQuinta #WakeUpOnTheBrightSide

  5. LaQuinta has a much more every-day, user-friendly website when compared to the website for Courtyard by Marriott. I find both LaQuinta’s site and their app to be much clearer both on their value proposition and their call-to-action than Courtyard’s is. While LaQuinta’s call-to-action and slogan, which are the same thing – Wake up on the bright side® – is on every page of their website as well as being prominent across the app. Courtyard by Marriott’s, however, only includes their value proposition/call to action, “Make Room for a Little Fun.®”, in two places – at the bottom of the “About Us” area on the website and Facebook page.

    Both chains make it clear on their websites and apps that they cater mainly to the weekday business traveler. Again, though, the LaQuinta site is much clearer on the amenities offered for the business traveler – an app where you can track your reservations and rewards points and even allows immediate remote check-in. Looking at the Courtyard website, at least in the fall, while it mentions the business traveler and shows rooms with work spaces, the photos and text really push the chain’s NFL sponsorships. For someone who is not a football fan, all the phones and verbiage about watch parties, room access and such turns me off.

    While LaQuinta is the smaller chain with a considerably smaller budget, it just seems overall to have the better digital presence … except for one thing. When signing up to receive emails, it took LaQuinta three to four days to send me a welcome email. Now two weeks later, I still have received no email updates or offers. The Marriott emails, however, appear in my inbox often with point updates and specials.

    LaQuinta really needs to step up their game when it comes to customer relations where it has to do with their emails. However, as far as social media and TripAdvisor pages, LaQuinta does a much better job building customer relations. #LaQuinta #WakeUpOnTheBrightSide® #MakeRoomForALittle Fun® #CourtyardbyMarriott

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